Parchis, video games and music for the return trip to Spain.
Few hours after lifting the title of champions of Europe, the Spanish players were heading back to Spain. The plane ride was full of jokes, pranks and laughter. Some playing Parchis, some playing video games, some listening to music, and some just reviewing the best photos of the final game.

Pepe Reina hace de azafato en el avión de la Selección España

"I hate Pepe Reina"

— No one (via minnette)


Yesterday in the last minutes of the game, Iker asked the referee to end the match in respect for Italy who was losing 4-0. (x)

Gracias Iker!

Records that Spain has made/broken this Euro Cup: 

  • Xabi Alonso is the first player to ever make two gols in his 100th game.
  • Iker Casillas is the first player to every win 100 National games.
  • Fernando Torres is the first player to ever score in two Euro Cup Finals.
  • Xavi Hernandez has made the most successful passes (734) in Euro Cup history.
  • Spain became the first team to win two consecutive European Championships.
  • Spain became the first team to win three consecutive major tournaments.